Ayurveda is not just a science of treatment. Ayurveda is “The science of Life”. It is a holistic approach to take health care that helps people live long, healthy and well-balanced live.

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Ayu आयु :

Ayu means age. Not only age but Prolong and heathy age. Prolong age and healthy body is the basic requirement for better life. If body is ill then person can’t do any work properly. They can’t do Physical activity, social activity and even spiritual activity as better as they can. So, prolong life and healthy body is basic requirement of person.

How to get prolong life and healthy body?

Ayurveda is key of prolong life and healthy body. Ayurveda indicates us how to live better life, how to eat, how to do daily activities of life. Aahar, Nindra and Anand are basic poles of life. If these basic poles are good then life will be perfect.


Aahar means which things we are taken inside of body. Mainly food and liquids. If we take food and liquids healthy and in proper quantity and quality with proper timing and proper way. It make our body healthy and fit but if we can’t maintain it we are become ill.


Nindra means healthy sleep. Nindra is a recharging process of our body for energy. We are doing lots of physical and mental activity in day time. Which make us tired. Which discharge our body energy. But when we are sleep our body and Soule are become recharge with full of energy.


Aanand means happiness not for few time but long lasting. Happiness physically, mentally and socially.


Vaata Pitta Kapha are three dosha basic element of body. And Rajas and Tamas are basic element of mind. When these three are in proper and equal state body is healthy. But when any dosha become increase, decrease or contaminate. Body become ill. One of the aim of Ayurveda is keep all dosha in proper and equal state.


Dhatu is basic structural material of body. There are 7 Dhatu. All Dhatu have different work in body. All of Dhatu make structure of body. When there Dhatu are in proper state in body, body is fit and healthy. But by any kind of reason Dhatu level increase, decrease or Dhatu become contaminated, it make deformity in body.


Murta – Purisha and Sweda are mala of body. Mala are excretory product of body, which came out from body at proper time and proper quantity which keep body healthy. By any kind of reason mala excrete more or less from body it make disease.

Our vision

         स्वस्थस्य स्वास्थ्य रक्षणं, आतुरस्य विकार प्रशमनं च।

   Vision of Ayurveda is: - to prolong life and promote perfect healthy life of healthy person. And cure the disease of patient.

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