Hijama – Cupping Therapy (Dr.(Vd.) S. M. Alam Ayurvedic consultant & Hijama –Cupping Therapy Expert)

What is Hijama – Cupping Therapy?

     • Hijama or cupping therapy is a safe, non-invasive and economical way of curing and preventing many diseases. Though Chinese use of this method was limited to certain medical complications like lungs infection, colds, to treat internal organs’ disorders, joint pain, etc. the scope of Hijama-Cupping therapy benefits is much higher than this limit.

     • Cupping therapy is modernisation of RAKTMOKSHAN (Ayurvedic bloodletting therapy) which described approx. 5000 years ago.

     • According to Ayurveda cupping therapy removes bad blood and almost diseases generate due to bad blood

     • The word ‘Hijama’ means ‘drawing out’ in Arabic. It is now being recognized as an alternative medicine or alternative way of treating different diseases and bodily disorders. Modern medical science also endorses the various benefits of Hijama and even encourages its practice in certain diseases.

     • In this non-surgical procedure, toxic or ‘bad’ blood is drawn out from the body. Certain ‘Hijama points’ on the body are addressed to do so. On such selected points, blood is encouraged to accumulate and then sucked out by using a little vacuum system. The blood is made to accumulate on the surface of the skin where minute incisions are introduced on the skin, the blood comes out from the incisions and is collected in a cup from where it is removed.

Benefits of Hijama –Cupping Therapy

It is noted that Hijama-Cupping therapy promotes the flow of energy in the blood.

It removes toxins and other waste material from the blood.

It helps fasten recovery time and people recover from diseases much faster after Hijama-Cupping therapy.

Hijama-Cupping therapy is known to prevent many diseases and, therefore, can be considered one of the best preventive measures against many diseases.

Moreover, it is also noted that Hijama-Cupping therapy can help those people as well who are under some magic spell or who are under the influence of some evil beings.

Removal of “bad blood” or impurities from blood

Stimulates blood production and circulation

Diverts and expels toxins and harmful impurities from the vital organs

Remove excess heat from the blood and surface of the body

Draws inflammation away from the deeper organs

Assists the body’s own healing abilities

Make body relax and increase of vital powers and energy

Hijama-Cupping therapy has no side effects as long as performed properly. It is also worth noting that about 70% diseases or disorders are caused by the failure of blood to circulate properly in the body. Furthermore, we get sick or our body organs fail to perform healthily when our blood keep circulating loaded with toxins and other impurities. Unless the toxic waste is removed from the body or from the blood, not only we do not recover fast from a disease but also become easy victim to other diseases or disorder.

Hijama-Cupping therapy is the best way to remove the toxic waste from the blood stream, and the results will obviously be a healthy and properly functioning body.

Disease is cure by Hijama Cupping Therapy

All kind of pain

Back pain

Shoulder pain

Heal pain

Knee joint pain

Finger pain

Wrist joint pain


Muscular pain







Psychiatric issue



Neurological issue


Neuralgic pain

Skin disease





Allergic issue

Blood pressor

Abdominal/ Digestive issue

Kidney disease

Lunges disease

Healthy person also can take Hijama-Cupping therapy treatment for detoxify the body.

Types of Cupping Therapy

Wet Cupping Therapy (HIJAMA)

Dry Cupping

Cupping Massage Therapy

Fire Cupping Therapy

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